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Hafla in the Heartland [userpic]

I'm back.......

September 16th, 2008 (09:34 pm)

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I can't believe that it has been over the year since I last posted a blog here. I have to say that several things have changed for me. One is that I bought a new house, or rather a very old one as the place was built in the 1800's. It has given me several adventures and a few stressors, but has overall been a good experience. On the positive end I continue to lose weight, albeit very slowly. I am now down to 176. I am hoping once things have calmed down at my house I can finally gain control  and structure in my diet and exercise routine.

And now to why I came back to this after so long. I recently became interested in podcasts. In particular I have been interested in ones that focus on some of my main draws in life such as paganism, transplantation, and bellydance (duh!) Anyway, I have noticed, at least on itunes, that the majority of the ones for bellydance are either single episodes promoting something, or they are older than my last blog entry. Two exceptions to this are Raqs Radio and www.taktaba.com. Raqs Radio provides mixes to practice/exercise to, while Taktaba is a video podcast that explores the elements of choreography in connection to the development of belly dance routines. Both of these are just wonderful and I would definitely suggest checking them out if you are into bellydance or interesting independent music in the case of Raqs Radio.

The point of all this is that I have decided that I am going to start a podcast to showcase bellydance and in particular the bellydance scene here in the midwest. My goal is to have it run in three parts. The first would be an interview with a performer or musician involved in the local bellydance scene. The second part would most likely be a review of a CD or video, though I have to figure out the whole copyright thing on playing the music. Third would be a listing of local haflas, workshops and performances. My goal would be to have this podcast uploaded to itunes ( and other places as I figure this whole thing out more) at least once a month, beginning in October.

So what does this have to do with Livejournal you may ask? Well, since I had the space and the paid account anyway, I thought I would use this to put my show notes from the podcasts. I also plan to put other additional information, such as my experiences at local haflas and such on here, though I'm not sure how frequently that will be, only because I don't want to put any commitments to it, since I feel that was part of the reason that I abandoned it the first few times around.

So as I said, I'm back. Hopefully my new adventure will be a success, that you all like the new me, and that this time around I say for a good long while.


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