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A podcast for Transplant Recipients and Supporters of Organ Donor Awareness

Hafla in the Heartland
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Welcome to Hafla in the Heartland! The purpose of this livejournal is to be the place for the show notes and further information for the monthly to bi weekly podcast of the same name commming soon to itunes, podcast alley and podnova. This podcast is to explore Middle Eastern dance in the American Midwest covering Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnisota, Iowa, and Missouri. It is to include interviews, music to dance to, Reviews of local resturants and hooka bars that feature bellydance on a regular basis, websites and internet videos of bellydance, listener feedback and Calander of events.

As for your host, My name is Jorie. I began dancing 5 years ago and after about a 2 year break I am finally ready to return and this poscast is part of that. I would call my style cabaret fusion because while I have been taught traditional Egyptian Cabaret style for the most part I have also learned some folkloric and turkish bellydance and love to incorperate all of this to both traditional music and to American music along with music that is a middle eastern arraingement of western music. My favorite prop is the veil. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and feel very blessed to have exposure to many different styles, dancers, and local resources that I cannot wait to share them all with you as well as hear about your local bellydance scene.